Feeding Our First Responders

The Anglican Church of the Redeemer in Norwood prays for its first responders on a regular basis. These prayers of support took on the nature of tangible support in November and December of 2023. The church partnered with their local Jersey Mike’s to provide lunch to the Police and Fire Department.

On Friday, November 17, the church delivered 84 Jersey Mike’s subs to the Norwood Police Department. The Chief of Police, William G. Brooks III,  wrote that they appreciate folks showing their support for the work they do.

“It was a wonderful experience delivering subs to the officers in Norwood,” stated Fr. Jeff Dorn. “We hope to do it again soon!”

Riding on the success of the feeding of the police department the church again partnered with Jersey Mike’s to provide subs for the Fire Department. On Friday, December 15, Fr. Jeff arrived at the Norwood Fire Department with subs for the 16 firefighters that were on duty that day.

“As I entered the firehouse,” said Fr. Jeff, “the men in the lobby were discussing what to have for lunch.” Fr. Jeff replied, “I think I can answer that question for you all!”

The men met him at the door of the garage and ushered him into the large firehouse garage. Firefighters Steve and Steve quickly showed him around. They are particularly proud of their new ladder truck; pictured here.

Included with the sandwiches delivered to both the Police and Fire Department were invitations to the church and a promise that a special blessing would be prayed over all the first responders on that Sunday.

“It was such a blessing to meet these men and women in person, look them in the eye and let them know they are loved and appreciated. As a church we felt it was important to show them tangibly that we support them,” said Fr. Jeff Dorn.

The church has plans to continue this ministry to the first responders.

Italian Dinner

On October, 22, 2022 we gathered with friends from the First Baptist Church and the community for an Italian Dinner. Chef Joan and her helpers produced an amazing meal of pasta, sauce, meatballs, sausage, bread, and far too many desserts to name here. Fr. Alan lead us in song and in a rousing game of Italian Trivia. It was a wonderful night and will most likely become an annual tradition!

Bishop Andrew Williams Visits Our Parish

On Sunday, March 27, 2022, our Bishop, the Right Reverend Andrew Williams visited our parish. We were immensely blessed to have him as our Celebrant and Preacher. He brought us a wonderful message on the way Jesus delivers us from the weight of shame. Bishop Andrew joined us for Coffee Hour and later met with our Vestry.